Collabtive Hosting

Collabtive Hosting for Serious Business Owners

Small and medium-sized businesses need a project management solution and the right hosting for it. Collabtive hosting from solves this issue and provides exactly what you need. Better project management, makes it easier to keep your entire team on task. You can track the progress, communicate easier and keep your team working towards the end goal with the combination of great hosting and project management software.

What is Collabtive?

Collabtive is a web-based project management software program with the ability to help your business grow. Managing multiple employees, home workers, vendors and customers can be difficult without the right system. It was created in 2007 and provides an open-source solution for anybody looking for an alternative to Basecamp or Podio. Collabtive is a written in JavaScript and PHP, making it easy to host on a shared or VPS hosting package.
Collabtive targets small and medium-sized businesses using freelance and home workers. With commercial services and easy installation, business owners can easily manage ongoing projects, tasks and workers. The team of volunteers creating the program include, Philipp Kiszka, Marcus Frohner and Eva Kiszka.
Features of Collabtive include:
  • Unlimited projects, tasks and milestones
  • Configure Access
  • Unlimited user profiles
  • Role-based permission settings
  • File management
  • Time tracking options
  • Ability to use instant messaging and email
  • Run multiple reports and activity logs
  • Use RSS feeds for tasks
  • Calendar synchronization with iCal
  • Export Excel files
  • Easy search options
  • Basecamp import
  • And More!
  • This is a feature-rich application perfect for any online business using multiple freelancers or home workers. If you want the most out of your business and you like to set ambitious goals, Collabtive can help you reach all your goals.

    Hosting Collabtive with

    Depending on your needs, you may want to use a shared or VPS package for the best Collabtive hosting. provides both options, along with dedicated servers, if you need an added level of security.
    Freelancers using Collabtive to manage projects don’t need much space. The Express or Power shared hosting package from will provide plenty of space and unlimited traffic for your needs. Start for as little as $4.95 per month.
    Small businesses needing to manage up to 10 workers and multiple projects may need the highest level of shared hosting, which is the Professional package or the first level of VPS hosting, which is the VPS Lite package. With the VPS Lite package, you get 50GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth and 1GB of RAM. This package is $49.95 per month.
    Medium-sized businesses with more than 10 workers and a large number of projects will need VPS hosting for Collabtive. The VPS Lite package will fit for many businesses of this size. However, if you need more space or bandwidth, offers two other VPS packages, the Basic and Premium. Gain access to more resources with either of these packages, making it easier to support your large team and number of projects.

    Why Fits Perfectly with Collabtive?

    Collabtive requires a large amount of space and bandwidth for the best performance. With a shared or VPS hosting package from , you will get plenty of space and all the resources you need. Each package comes with excellent technical support, 24/7/365. With a top support team and the best hosting technology in the business, has the best Collabtive hosting in the business.
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    Hosting Options for All Users

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