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Web-1 Hosting is dedicated to providing the best web site hosting available on the Internet.  We specialize in shared Linux web site hosting ranging from personal to small business.

When your web site hosting service is with Web-1, you can be assured that you will receive the best customer support, the best uptime, and fastest service available.

We like to distinguish our web hosting services from others in several ways.

First, we are small company -- that means no corporate bureaucracy. When you call with a problem, the odds are 99 to 1 that the first person you speak with will be able to help you.

Because we are a small company, you matter to us! Unlike large web hosting companies who have tens of thousands of customers, you matter to us as an individual.  When one of the large companies loses as customer, they have 10 new ones to replace you.  At Web-1, we will do everything in our power to retain each and every customer using our web site hosting services.

Second, we offer a premium service.  You might ask, "what does that mean?".  By premium web hosting we mean that Web-1 will go above and beyond the call of duty to provide you the best service no matter what we are doing for you. 

We will make sure your pages are available and load quickly for everyone who is trying to access them.  We will make sure your email is safe from the latest virus and that we do everything we can to help you manage the junk mail you may receive.  We will be honest, friendly, and helpful when you request support.

If you have a problem with our services we want to know about them -- and we want to fix them!  You online presence with Web-1 should be so enjoyable that you never want to leave!

Third, Web-1 strives for uptime.  We understand the fact that when your online portal is down so is your business or organization. We are so dedicated to providing you the best uptime that we offer our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

If our uptime ever falls below 99.9% we will credit your account!

If you are familiar with NetCraft, then you will certainly want to check out our uptime in comparison to other servers at UUNET.

If you are not aware, NetCraft is company dedicated to Internet research and collects many different statistics on many, many sites throughout the Internet.

Lastly, hosting is our primary business.  We are not an ISP trying to make a little side money off the hosting market.  We are not a college student trying to make a little side money on a hosting reseller account.

Don't let your chance to experience our premium service pass you by, pick your plan now!

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