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The goal and purpose of most organizations is to bring a group of people with common interests together in the support of a cause or an activity.

What better way to organize your activities and deliver you message than via a web site dedicated to your cause?

At Web-1 Hosting, it is our goal for you to reach your goals. What better way can we help than to provide you with a rock solid platform from which to base you internet offering?


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When you host your organization at Web-1 you will be placed on our stable, Unix based web servers.

Add to that 10240MB of data storage and 10GB of data transfer, and your web site will be well positioned to grow for the future!

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Technical Details:

Disk Space: 10240 MB
Data Transfer 10 GB
Email Accounts: 30
Email Aliases: unlimited
Email Forwards: unlimited
Email Groups: unlimited
Site Statistics: yes
Supported Languages: HTML, XHTML, SHTML, PHP, CGI, SSI, WAP, others by request.
Monthly Fee: $19.95 /month
One-time Setup Fee: $15.00

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