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About our Web Hosting Company

This section of the web site was designed to give you a little better picture of our web hosting company.

Web-1 Hosting is an independently owned web hosting company built from the ground up on its own profits and revenues. We are currently enjoying our 5th year in business, debt free and continually growing.

The web hosting industry as a whole seems to be plagued with fly-by-night web hosting companies who are here today, gone tomorrow. Unlike the others, we are a financially sound company with plenty of industry experience whom you can count on, and we arenít going anywhere but up.

There are three main sections in the "about our company" section of the website. First, there is the about page where you can read about the beginnings of our web hosting company, its owners, our goals, and our plans for the future.

Second is our data center page, where you can learn about the facilities housing our servers. You will quickly see we are housed in a highly secure, well managed data center!

And, lastly, we have our contact page where you will find all the information needed to contact your new web hosting company!

We look forward to hearing from you and we are excited to be expecting your new account signup!


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