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problems with ftp

1) Website does not come up when with a browser or it says I don't have permission to view.

You must have a file called index.html, .htm, php, php3, etc.. to make your site "popup" automatically when you call the URL. Your files must be in the "htdocs" folder. Make sure your files are in the right place.

If that didn't work, has it been long enough for DNS changes to take effect? Sometimes it can take up to 5 days before a newly registered site to resolve. Try using the temporary URL given to you in the account information email that was automatically emailed to you when you signed up for services.

2) Files are missing or messed up after you upload them.

Make sure you upload text files (html, htm, shtml, php, cgi, pl, etc.) with ASCII or text mode and all images and graphics with binary mode. If your images do not show up make sure your paths and filename case are correct in your web pages.  Web servers are case sensitive so File.gif is NOT the same as file.gif.

3) Unable FTP at all

The most common problem customers have with FTP is forgetting to append "@yourdomain.com" to their username where "@yourdomain.com" is your real domain name.  So if your username was user23 and your domain was "foo.org", your FTP username would be "user23@foo.org" (like an email address.)

Although it is very rare, some customers are unable to reverse resolve ftp.web-1hosting.net with certain FTP clients resulting in a "cannot find host" error. In this case we recommend using the IP address of the FTP server, which is

Additionally, If you are connecting from behind a firewall you may need to check of "passive mode" in the options of your ftp client.

If you are sure you have tried everything email or call tech support.

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