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Ftp Instructions

To connect to the Web-1 Hosting FTP server, you will need to know  four basic peices of information:

  1. The FTP host name (ftp.web-1hosting.net)
  2. The FTP post number (21)
  3. Your Web-1 Hosting username
  4. Your Web-1 Hosting password
To upload your website you will need an FTP program. We suggest either WS_FTP or Cute FTP. You can learn about either program and how to use them from the documentation provided with the software.

To upload your web site, FTP to ftp.web-1hosting.net and enter your username as username@yourdomain.com where "username" is your real username and "yourdomain" is your real domain name.

If you did it correctly you will be prompted for your password -- enter the password.

Once you have sucessfully logged into the FTP server you will be in your home directory where you will see a folder called "cgi-bin" and another called "htdocs". Your html pages and images should go in htdocs while any scripts you may need to install will go in cgi-bin. Be sure to use "binary" transfer mode for graphics and ASCII mode for cgi scripts.

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