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FrontPage Form Submit Errors

Sometimes certain functions and forms may not work properly after publishing your site with front page.  You may get the following error:

FrontPage Run-Time Component Page

You have submitted a form or followed a link to a page
that requires a web server and the FrontPage Server
Extensions to function properly.

This form or other FrontPage components will work
correctly if you publish this web to a web server that
has the FrontPage Server Extensions installed.

This does not mean the FrontPage extensions are not installed.

What you need to do to correct the problem is open the page using FrontPage as a "web" from our server. To do this with FrontPage 2000/2002 follow the directions below

1. Start FrontPage.

2. Go to "File" and then "Open Web" or "Open Site".

3. On the left hand Site of the "Open File" window there are five icons to click on "History","My Documents","Desktop","Favorites", and "My Network Places".  You will want to click on "My Network Places". (This is in Windows 2000/XP, but Windows 98 has a similar setup - they are called "Web Folders" instead of "Network Places").

4. After clicking on "My Network Places" you should see a connection to your domain there. If not then you will have to create a new network place (Or "web folder" in windows 98). When you create the new web folder, if necessary, it will ask you for a URL. The URL must be complete, i.e. http://www.mydomain.com. Once the Network Place or Web Folder for your URL has been created, open it *from* FrontPage by double clicking on it, or single clicking on it and then clicking "Open" or "OK".

5. After Opening your network place you will be presented with your list of web files on the server. Click once on your index.htm(l) file and then click "Open" or "Ok".

6. Depending on your internet connection the next step may take a moment. FrontPage will receive your website from our server. Wait until it is finished.

7. Click "File", then "Save", then close your site and exit FrontPage.

This should fix the problem.

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