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As a customer of Web-1 Hosting there are certain policies and agreements that must be adhered to.  These policies have been put into place to protect both the customer and Web-1 Hosting.  Please be advised that you are required to know these policies before we can provide hosting services for your domains.

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Monthly Service Agreement

This agreement outlines such items as services, term, payment, fee increases, taxes early termination, AUP, customer information, warranties, damages and more.  This document represents the primary bonds between Web-1 Hosting and its customer.

Web-1 Hosting Monthly Services Agreement.pdf

Acceptable Use Policy

This documents acceptable use of Web-1 Hosting's network, equipment, and other resources the customer my obtain through the use of a hosting account with Web-1 Hosting.

Web-1 Hosting Acceptable Use Policy.pdf

Privacy Policy

This agreement outlines Web-1 Hosting's customer information privacy policy.  Should you have any questions about what happens to the person information we collect, you should be able to find your answer here.

Web-1 Hosting Privacy Policy.pdf

Domain Registration & Transfer Agreement

Web-1 Hosting can register or transfer domains on the half of customers.  This document outlines the policies and restrictions Web-1 Hosting places on the domain names registered or transfered for its customers.

Web-1 Hosting Domain Registration & Transfer Agreement.pdf

Domain Registration - Exhibit A

As domain registrations for Web-1 Hosting customers are provided through an ICANN accredited domain registrar (for the protection of our customer's property) there are certain policies and guidelines the registrar enforces.  This document outlines the policies of our third-party domain registrar.

Web-1 Hosting Exhibit A Registration Agreement.pdf

ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

This document outlines the policy ICANN has adopted in handling disputes over the owner ship of domains.  Should your .com, .net, or .org domain ever become in jeopardy these policies are the criteria that will be used to solve the matter.

Web-1 Hosting - ICANN - Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.pdf

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