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New for 2006!

Why simply place a link to Web-1 hosting, when you could signup for our Affiliate Program?!  We are proud to announce the availability of the Web-1 Hosting Affiliate Program!

Powered by AffililateShop, webmasters now have the ability to turn their referal visitors into cold, hard cash!  Please referer to the Affiliate Program Homepage for more information.

Web-1 Hosting Branding Materials

If we had to pick just one thing we really appreciate, it would have to be customers who are so happy with their service that they want to proudly display a Web-1 Hosting logo or link on their site.

To make life easy for our customers, or anyone in general who would like to link back to us, we have provided some pre-written HTML code that you can add to your website.

In an effort to establish a well known brand we ask that you use the logo/links as they are -- if you must modify them, please try to keep them as similar to the orginal as possible.

Description: The Web-1 logo including a link back to the Web-1 hosting site.



web-1 hosting

Description: A textual link back to the Web-1 Hosting site with descriptive text.



Web-1 Hosting - For all your Web Hosting needs!

Description: A simple "Hosted by: Web-1 Hosting" link.



Hosted by: Web-1 Hosting

We would like to give a special thanks to all the people out there who have taken the time and effort to link back to our site. Your dedication to Web-1 Hosting has not gone without notice or appreciation!

-- The Web-1 Hosting Team.

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