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Web-1 Hosting, LP is a privately held, high speed web hosting company based in Houston, Texas.  Since mid-2000 Web-1 has offered a reliable and fast service to businesses and consumers throughout the United States.

Focusing on rock solid services and support, Web-1 Hosting continues to grow and improve reliability.

Located in Houston's hot spot for Internet connectivity, Web-1 Hosting has access to one of the most direct connections to major fiber backbones in the southern region.  Combined with a world class data center, you have speed and reliability matched by few and coveted by many.

Stellar Support

Web-1 Hosting is dedicated to superior service and excellent support.  We did not get where we are today without doing something right and our customer loyalty shows it.  At Web-1 we plan to make the future every bit as good as the past by providing the latest equipment and technology while retaining personal attachment to our customers and their needs.

Our tech support understands that not everyone is a professional webmaster and will always make you feel comfortable.  For those of you who are professional webmasters, Web-1 is no let down when it comes to advanced hosting techniques and supported technologies.

A big part of customer service is providing the best possible equipment at the best possible price.  Most hosting companies do not show you what is under the hood because they do not have the best facility or the latest equipment.


Web-1 Hosting is strictly a hosting company.  You won't see us try to be anything else.  You will never have to share bandwidth with dial ups or DSL customers.  We are dedicated to what we do and take pride in doing it well.

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