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Web-1 Hosting does the best it can to work with our partners to get discounts and special incentives for our customers.  The list below are the companies we currently work with and encourage our customers to try their services.

Please remember, these services are provided by third party companies.  While we believe they are reliable and trustworthy, please use your own disgression before paying for their services.

Search Engine & Pay-Per-Click

> Sign up and get a $25 credit. (click here)

List Your Site with Yahoo! Sponsored Search (formerly Overture) and appear on the top of search results of leading sites like Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista and CNN.com.  Yahoo! Sponsored Search, previously Overture, is the largest and most well known pay per click service.  They have been in the game for quite some time and are very widely used - unfortunately this also makes them have some of the hightest bids.  Nonetheless, we do suggest you take a look at their services.

> $25 in free clicks through Enhance. (click here)

In the words of Enhance, "Online advertising doesn't have to be a gamble. Play it safe with Enhance Interactive." Enhance is known for lower bid prices than the two larger pay per click engines; however, some web masters do not feel the traffic generated is quite the same as Overture or Adwords. If you are looking for a low cost way to get into PPC, we suggest giving them a try.

> $25 credit from Search123. (click here)

If you open an account with Search123 and make an initial deposit of $50.00, Search123 will credit you an additional $25.00 for signing up through Web-1 Hosting.  Search123 one of the newer players in the pay per click industry.  Currently they tend to have much lower bid prices than the other providers.  Search123 is definitely one of best ways to start a PPC campaign without spending a ton.

Search Engine Optimization

> Try LinksManager.com 30 days for FREE. (click here)

As it stands right now, those who make no effort to link their sites in some way will only continue to fall further behind their competitors. Since directory to directory reciprocal linking is the most cost effective way to get this done, then it should be very high on your list of necessary tasks, if you are serious about promoting a commercial website.

> 3 Months of Free Page Critic (click here)

WebPosition 3.5 is software that will help you create search engine friendly pages.  By comparing your pages to pages that are known to rank well in search engines, it is possible to gain a competitive edge on the rest of the competition.  WebPosition is currently running a deal that allows you to get 3 months worth of updates for the "Page Critic" for free!

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