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New for 2006: the Web-1 Hosting affiliate program allows current customers, and independant advertisers alike, to convert their website's vistors in to a potential revenue source.  Read on for more information!

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What is an affiliate Program?

An affiliate program allows webmasters to turn their website traffic into a source of income.  Signing up for the Web-1 affiliate program sends traffic from your website to the Web-1 Hosting site via special tracking URLs.  In doing this, you become elegible for commission payments when your website visitors sign up for web hosting.

Anyone can become an affiliate... you do not even have to be a current Web-1 Hosting customer.  Of course, we would be happy to host your site as well!

What are commissions?

Commissions are payments made to affiliates by Web-1 Hosting in return for customer referrals.  When a visitor to your website clicks through a link to the Web-1 site and signs up for web hosting, we agree to pay you a "referal fee" according to the commission scale below.

The commission payout is simple and straight foward.  Commissions are paid on a per-sale basis: the larger the hosting, the larger the comission.

Hosting Plan Commission per Sale
Family & Person Plan $10.00
Organizations & Associations $15.00
Business & eCommerce $20.00

Note: If a sale is refunded or charged back, the commission will not be paid to the affiliate.

Are there any restrictions/rules/regulations?

There are rules in place to protect both the affiliate and Web-1 Hosting.  The rules and regulations concerning the program are described in detail by the Affiliate Terms of Service.

How do I get started?

The first step in turning your website into a source of income is signing up for the affiliate program.

After signing up, a Web-1 Hosting representative will review your application.  After review and acceptance, you will receive an email with your affiliate ID, username, and password.  Then you can login to your affiliate account and retrieve the HTML to place on your website.

As soon as the tracking URLS are placed on your website, you are eligible to begin receiving commissions.  Converting your traffic from "clicks" into "sales" becomes the new goal.

For each person that clicks from your website to the Web-1 hosting website and signs up for service, you will receive the appropriate commission payment.

There are no limits on the number of commission payments; in fact, we encourage our affiliates to send as much legitimate traffic as possible! Just remember to remain within the bounds of the Affiliate Terms of Service agreement.

What's next?

That's it!  The more signups your website sends our way, the more we pay you!

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